Fluminis Draws! -2/2 Slots OPEN-

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Fluminis Draws! -2/2 Slots OPEN-

Postby Fluminis » Thu Dec 29, 2016 8:18 pm

Few rules up front so we are clear.
-This is a pay what you want, however I do not have to accept the deal if I feel it is not worth my time.
--This being said, you may not complain if I do not take your commission. If I do not reply to you within 24 hours, it is probably because I am not interested or your offer was not high enough. You are welcome at any time to raise your offer, just make a new comment.
-Art has a turnaround period of an hour to a week. Magic Word is Please, must include this in form under "word". To protect both parties, you pay before you see the commission but after I have completed it. I will PM you when to send payment.
-I do not use references. Please do not link them, I prefer a word description.
-Touched on this earlier, but I have the right to accept or deny. I usually do not like to confront people in a negative way, so my denies will be no reply to your offer.
-When offering, you must fill out my form and reply here or PM #55880. I prefer a reply here over PM. Everything must be filled out.
-HEADSHOTS ONLY AT THIS TIME. I feel comfortable working with fullbodies but I will be working on these in between commissions on deviantart as a break and/or warmup.

The form:

Pack Name + Number:
Pack Name/Number on Avatar: Yes/No
Link to Wolf/Character (Must have clear colors):
Expression (use words):
Pose (use words):
Solid Color/Gradient/Transparent Background:
Key Word:

*Note, some of these are of furless characters and thus have no fur. Your commission will be drawn with normal fur unless otherwise requested.
These are listed in order of effort - Chibis>Lined>Painterly (which would mean painterly takes the most time and I require higher pay for it.
I've taken most of these off of my deviantart -http://fluminis.deviantart.com/. They may not be used as your avatar as I own most of the characters used as an example - and the ones that I do not own are owned by someone else.
You will receive two versions of your avatar, one that is around 1000x1000 pixels and one that is 300x300 pixels so you may see the full resolution.
*Will not be doing these unless the offer is really high. Even then, slim chance.

Quick Recap, Please Read
-This is a pay what you want, although I will be selective with offers.
-You have 3 different styles to choose from, although the images linked belong to me and are not available for use as avatars. The majority of the images are of my character Talutah, who has very short fur. There are two images linked that have longer fur, and I am able to do different styles of it. Magic word is Please. If you would like curly, silky, fluffy, short, etc. please say so in 'extra'.
-You must be patient with me, I do have a life. My most productive days are on the weekends, when I have no school.
-You will not get to see the avatar until you have paid in full. Then I will show you it and we can discuss any edits. Failure to pay will result in an automatic blacklisting and the resale of your avatar (at this point I am free to decide what to do with it).

I'm sorry if I seem like a butt, but (haha butt butt) the majority of the rules I have in place are to protect something (be it me, you, the art, the characters, etc). Please read over the rules carefully as you will need them to purchase anything from me.
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Re: Fluminis Draws! -2/2 Slots OPEN-

Postby Kodie » Fri Dec 30, 2016 12:25 am

Pack Name + Number: Dakota Blue #3556
Pack Name/Number on Avatar: Yes but not too big that it takes away attention from the wolves
Link to Wolf/Character (Must have clear colors):

My wolf Dakota is a wolf that I have previously had. He has a white head, that goes and stops at his neck area, with a black body. He also has a tail that is half white, and all 4 feet that are white until about halfway up his legs. He has beautiful bright blue eyes. This wolf has a little bit of a specific description, so I went ahead and gave you a link also to a picture of him.


Expression (use words): Not much to his face, more of a stare off. More stern than he is happy.
Pose (use words): Body is facing to the left, but his head is turned right toward us. He is standing, but not tense.
Painterly/Lined/Chibi: Painterly
Solid Color/Gradient/Transparent Background: transparent
Apples/Mush: mushrooms
Offer: 200-300? I can do whatever not sure about what you are wanting :D If you were thinking that this order is worth more, I am perfectly fine with that. Please let me know!
Extra: Long hair, just like a wolf.
Key Word: Realistic
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Re: Fluminis Draws! -2/2 Slots OPEN-

Postby Roanoke » Tue Jan 03, 2017 9:48 pm

Pack Name + Number: Roanoke #33932
Pack Name/Number on Avatar: Name
Link to Wolf/Character (Must have clear colors): http://i.imgur.com/aGWUV5e.png (the only clear color ref I have of him, a horse, lol) You can just color a red wolf if you like.
Expression (use words): Heroic, proud
Pose (use words): Anything
Painterly/Lined/Chibi: Lined
Solid Color/Gradient/Transparent Background: Transparent background, solid color
Apples/Mush: Mush
Offer: Is 500 mush too cheap?
Extra: Experimenting is welcome
Key Word: Please =3
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