Roleplay Rules Must Be Followed

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Roleplay Rules Must Be Followed

Postby eve » Tue Sep 27, 2016 12:05 pm

Please be sure to follow our Roleplay rules at all times.

The Rules for Roleplaying are simple:

  • This is a PG-13 Website. No Profanity or Vulgarity or Sexuality is allowed. This means your Characters need to keep it clean.
  • Heat Scent is not allowed.
  • Being flirty and young love themes are Ok. Naughty behavior/graphic content/sex of any kind/etc is not allowed. If there is an intimate scene, just "skip" to afterwards.
  • If you're roleplaying wolves and they breed, keep it simple like "And then they bred".
  • No forced breeding is allowed. No graphic descriptions of breeding are allowed.
  • You may not force another character to do anything.
  • Fighting is only permitted if both parties want to fight. Gory/graphic descriptions of violence are not allowed.
  • God Modding is not allowed.
  • Do not be mean to other characters.
  • When new characters arrive, welcome them into the story.
  • The Group Roleplay area is not a chatroom. All content entered should be part of the story and nothing else.
  • No advertising is allowed.
  • Do not advertise/invite others to offsite RP's
  • Do not invite members offsite to get around the rules. This will result in instant banning as it is predator-like behavior.
  • Fandom Roleplays (Warrior Cats, Harry Potter, Marvel, etc) are not allowed on the forum.
    You can roleplay a similar idea, but without content from the
    fandom. For example, a clan of cats is ok, as long as no characters, names, places, concepts, ideas, etc from the warrior cats books are used. If you want
    to roleplay fandoms, you may do so in your gamemail, or in the scenes.

These rules apply whether you are roleplaying in the RP or in your PM. Or here in the forum. The Terms Of Use for this website must be followed at all times. Please remember that your Mailbox is not private and may be reviewed by staff at any time. If you break any of these rules, your pack will be heavily fined and you will be banned from Roleplay, and possibly from the site based on the nature of the offense.

But the biggest rule of all is Have Fun! Creativity is encouraged. :)
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Re: Roleplay Rules Must Be Followed

Postby eve » Tue Jan 10, 2017 6:46 pm

We have a new rule. Fandom based roleplays (Warrior cats, Harry Potter, Star Wars, etc) will no longer be allowed in the forum due to copyright concerns. If you want to do those roleplays, please do it in your PM or in the scenes. Another example: If you want to do forum roleplays about clans of cats, that is ok. It may just not have warrior cats characters or concepts from the books. If you want to do superhero roleplays, you can as long as you invent your own characters with their own original superpowers. Etc. Thanks.

Edit: I have updated the rules listed in the first post.
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