The Things We Left Behind {roleplay}

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The Things We Left Behind {roleplay}

Postby Mishas Pizza Man » Sat Jan 07, 2017 11:19 am

                "W-where's Negan?" a shaky voice asked. A man, who was wearing a leather jacket
                much like the previous leader would, looked down at the person who spoke up. He
                flashed them a toothy grin, and looked at the rest of the group. These people were
                one of the groups the Saviors had under their command. The man took a deep breath
                and the grin melted from his face.

                "Negan's dead," he said. "But luckily, I'm here to take his crappy job." After the
                smile returned, he pulled the leash attached to a large German shepherd tight in his
                fist. The dog pulled it's lips back in a snarl towards someone close by. "So, where is
                our loot?"

                A long silence followed his question, people exchanging nervous glances and even a few
                sobs. The man's smile, one again, dropped. His eyes widened manically, and he shouted,
                "Someone better answer me before I get angry. I don't like waiting."

                "S-sir, we don't have what you're asking f-for," stammered the person who spoke up
                before. "Y-you're one w-week early."

                The man sighed, hanging his head in mock disappointment. He looked up with a devious
                grin. "That's not the answer I was looking for. Go on, Bellamy - do your job." He let
                go of the dog's leash, and immediately, it lunged at the person who had answered the

                "Let this be a warning," growled the man. "There's a new leader in town. And he is
                not as patient as the previous."

                Plot - Rules - Characters - Sign-Up

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Re: The Things We Left Behind {roleplay}

Postby Mishas Pizza Man » Sat Jan 07, 2017 6:32 pm

Time of Day: 10 am
Date & Weather: December 21st, chilly with wind

Tobias Fonn;; Leader. Tags: Open/NPCs, mentions Valentine
The gates opened to let in a few cars, which all parked just inside, neatly on the sides of the road. People filed out of them, some grinning, others stone faced. One man who climbed out of the first car was beaming; when he ducked back in the vehicle to get his dog, he started to laugh. The dog's entire front was covered in blood, but it didn't seem to care about that, and neither did the man. They both walked down the street together towards a huge building, which could only be described as a factory.

Once inside, they both headed up long flights of stairs to the man's living quarters. He handed the dog off to some woman walking by. "Give him a bath, will you? I don't want all that blood to dry on his fur." After giving her a wink, he shut his apartment door behind him, leaving no chance for her to object.

Tobias was this man's name, and boy, was he a character. His fingers had spots of dry blood on them, and so did his right cheek; a suit hugged his figure and it, too, was stained red on the front. He strode to the bathroom, removed his bloodied suit, and changed into more comfortable clothes. Blood was scrubbed from his face and hands.

As he walked out of his apartment and towards the cafeteria, where most hung out, he wondered where his little brother was. Valentine was basically the only one he wouldn't lash out at, other than his friend Shane Adams and dog, Bellamy. Speaking of Bellamy, he was padding toward Tobias with his tongue lolling out the side of his maw, fur sparkling clean. Toby bent down and stroked the dog between the ears, grinning. "Look at you, all shiny and new," he cooed.

(I'll post for Pierre soon ^^ Ya'll can post now )
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Re: The Things We Left Behind {roleplay}

Postby тнєℓσωєя¢αѕє_кιηg » Sat Jan 07, 2017 6:48 pm

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      // αη∂ тнє мσηѕтєя ιηѕι∂є тαρѕ ιтѕ ƒιηgєяѕ.
      тαρ-тαρ-тαρ ση α тαвℓє мα∂є σƒ яєgяєт αη∂ ηєє∂ℓєѕѕ αηχιєту.
      ωση∂єяιηg ωнσ'ѕ ℓιƒє ιт ѕнσυℓ∂ мυ¢к υρ ηєχт.
      αη∂ ℓσσкιηg тняσυgн αη єη∂ℓєѕѕ ¢αтαℓσg σƒ ωαуѕ тσ ∂σ ιт.
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Re: The Things We Left Behind {roleplay}

Postby Wave ~ » Sat Jan 07, 2017 7:13 pm

[ Kile "Cyanide" Lucas ] [ Lieutenant ] [ Tags: × ]

Sitting in the cafeteria was boring, the man realised, when you didn't have anyone to talk to. He would usually just walk over to one of the other groups scattered about and join in on their conversation, but quite frankly, he didn't want to. Letting out a sigh, the male blinked lazily as his eyes scanned the room. It was an odd thing, being bored because your not talking to someone, but not wanting to talk to anyone, wasn't it? Shutting his eyes and shifting his position as he leaned against the wall, as far from the other human brings as he could be, Cyanide let out a soft sigh and pulled out his katana, which had recently been cleaned by none other then himself.

He sure did sigh a lot, didn't he? In this situation, his older brother probably would've made a joke about his nickname, and began calling him 'SIGHanide.' He himself would've found it quite comical, had he not been where he was in the situation he was in. Since things went to hell, his sense of humour had changed drastically. Things that he would've found funny before weren't funny anymore.

Opening his eyes once more, his gaze drifted toward the blade he'd had since the very beginning of this mess. It was grasped firmly in his hand by the handle, obviously, and was lacking the dried blood that normally occupied the shiny, silver metal. He began to twist the handle around in his hand, watching the angle of the blade change as he stared at it with little to no interest. It was hard to take interest in staring at a piece of metal, but it was all he had to do at the moment.
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Re: The Things We Left Behind {roleplay}

Postby Charcoal » Sat Jan 07, 2017 8:20 pm

Cassandra Rae // Member | Tags; mentions Tobias
Cass slammed the door of the vehicle as she walked away carrying a bag of goodies that they had just stolen from one of the other groups that existed. Slinging the bag more comfortably over her shoulder, she walked towards the factory, observing the prisoners fend off the Walkers that Tobias thought were fun to keep. Her front was moist with blood although it was invisible due to her black tank top but very distinguishable against her fair skin that it flecked and smeared over. Her messy red hair was in a bun on the top of her head so that it wouldn't get in her eyes and obstruct her vision.

She dropped the loot off at their storage place an didn't linger long before going to her apartment. It was small and plain with dull walls and sheets. She changed her clothes as the ones she had on smelled of rot due to the walker she had to kill before getting into the vehicle she had driven back here. The blood on her arms and chest would have to wait to be dealt with later as she didn't feel like cleaning it off and went to the cafeteria to relax.

The red-head noticed Cyanide inspecting his katana at one of the tables and sat away, not feeling like talking or socializing at all. She placed her feet up on the edge of the table and leaned back in her chair, pulling one of her knives and getting a cloth to clean it. She was quiet as she observed the cafeteria's workings.

Cass's hateful eyes fell onto her leader as he greeted his dog. She didn't understand the need for a pet in this world. Why would you want to feed something else when you're fighting to feed yourself everyday? It wasn't just that she hated the idea of keeping pets, it was that she hated Tobias. She has always hated people like him. It was Negan before and now it's Tobias. They're all the same. They all just love to kill if they don't get their way just like a toddler would through a tantrum if they didn't get their toy. He and Shane sickened her and if she had any other place to go, she would go there and fight them.

Cass averted her eyes, still simmering below the surface, just so that she wouldn't catch his attention. Some day maybe she'd escape this place but she had a feeling that the only way to escape was through death and she wasn't quite ready for that yet.

((I'll post for Shane later))
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Re: The Things We Left Behind {roleplay}

Postby тнєℓσωєя¢αѕє_кιηg » Sat Jan 07, 2017 9:33 pm

      mentions;; tobias. indirectly // location;; werehouse base. third-floor office--> hallway to cafeteria.


            You know that thought, when they say that It'll be okay, but it never will?
            It sure is a depressing reality..


    Valentine's hands latched together; held together; like the remains of zipper teeth. Crooked and scared from years of miscellaneous work. However, still long nimble thanks to many more of relaxation. He was weak. But not at heart. It was something about the way he smiled like a maniac right now that drew others to resent his jokester persona. Either that, or the way he sat cross-legged, feet atop hard-wood table, littered in scars much like himself, that drew others to believe he may actually own the place if his brother hadn't taken over before you could say hocus-pocus.

    His eyes closed on the world. Filling him in on the darkness that comforted him. That he'd come to cherish. With the light being loathed from his very being.
    If you couldn't see your surroundings, you weren't there.

    Valentine was a male to be messed with, unlike his kin. Shoot, tell him to wash you with the tears of the heavens, and he'd bend over backwards to just simply try and meet your wishes.
    Even if that meant to lie.

    Valentine took in an inward sigh. Pushing off from the desk that he wished he could call his own. Tilting to the left and stopping upon the dime.
    It was vacant; the office. Nobody used the room besides the wondering Valentine.
    However, it was highly doubted by the majority that he'd ever obtain such a room as property. His feet sat atop the carpeted floor once again. Dirty-soles of his shoes connecting with the ground as his fingers un-zipped. Resting on his knees as if they'd ran a marathon in a metaphorical manner.
    And he exhaled heavily, opening his eyes once again, only to stare back at a painting that'd once probably been vibrant. But, now showed off the brown-ish color of dust and dirt rather than the sandy beaches of an abstract California. With its faded blues and reds and yellows. Newly dulled from exposure.

    Valentine huffed his way onto his feet, steadying himself, before turning towards the enterance to the room. Still half open, and ready for anybody to barge in on him and mock on the way he wishes ever so dearly for something as simple as a room.
    He almost awaited it; expected. Half-heartedly thinking about simply sitting, and staying here until that same thing indeed happens.
    Until another points at him, and laughs.
    However, for the whole time he's been here.
    That hasn't happened.
    It hasn't happened.

    He drew in another sharp breath, before making his way towards the door, and poking his head out the door way. Glancing from side to side before slipping out. Closing it ever-so-gingerly before locking it. As if he'd just taken place in the most difficult heist known to man kind.

    He tossed himself a smug smirk, flicked the key into the air, before swiping it from empty space. Compressing his sudden joy into a few, itching grunts before plopping the matalic key into his jacket pocket, and working his way down towards the Cafeteria.
    Hands shoved within pockets, and head held high as if the whole world owed him something.
    Even if he knew that fact was never true.


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      тαρ-тαρ-тαρ ση α тαвℓє мα∂є σƒ яєgяєт αη∂ ηєє∂ℓєѕѕ αηχιєту.
      ωση∂єяιηg ωнσ'ѕ ℓιƒє ιт ѕнσυℓ∂ мυ¢к υρ ηєχт.
      αη∂ ℓσσкιηg тняσυgн αη єη∂ℓєѕѕ ¢αтαℓσg σƒ ωαуѕ тσ ∂σ ιт.
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Re: The Things We Left Behind {roleplay}

Postby Boopwolf » Sat Jan 07, 2017 9:35 pm

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Re: The Things We Left Behind {roleplay}

Postby Misty Winds » Sun Jan 08, 2017 12:18 am

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Re: The Things We Left Behind {roleplay}

Postby Outkasters » Sun Jan 08, 2017 12:29 am

-cracks fingers- Here I go. xD)

Riley Morgan // 16 // Member

A hooded figure could be seen moving through a highway of long since abandoned cars. A black duffle bag was slung across her shoulders, which weighed her down slightly. The young girl pillaged some clothes, a few guns, and a bottle of pain medication during her time outside the factory, 3 days to be precise. She doubted anyone would notice her prolonged absence.

Riley made it to the factory a few hours later, which to her calculations made it around 10AM. Riley was let in and she entered the factory with a sigh. She didn't exactly like the way Tobias ruled, but she'd rather not be on his bad side. Riley walked to her room to drop off the supplies she wanted to keep and to change out of her dirt stained clothes.

About half an hour later, Rikey exited her room with new clothes and the duffle slung over her shoulder as she made her way to the cafeteria. She figured Tobias would be there rather than anywhere else. Ivory hair fluttered as she entered the Cafeteria soundlessly, and made her way over to the older man.

"I found these during my time outside the factory," she said as she handed him the duffle bag, which had two rifles and a fancy handgun, all of which were in great condition.

Sebastian Waters // 25 // Outsider

A masculine figure could be made out from a distance, along with a canine walking alongside him. The two wanderers weren't headed anywhere specific, though he man was hoping to meet a friend on his way. At a closer look, the man was ruggedly handsome and his canine friend was a fierce looking black husky.

Sebastian continued his trek for a few hours before two familiar figures came into sight. Kai sprinted forward towards his canine friend, Beast. Sebastian laughed as he watched the two males play. He turned to the ivory haired woman and hugged her. "It's good to see you, Mary."

Mary Stuart // 24 // Outsider

"Likewise," she replied as she hugged him back. Mary was happy she got to see Bash, her childhood friend, once more after their parting. It seemed like Beast missed Kai as well.

(Short for Mary. >~<)
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Re: The Things We Left Behind {roleplay}

Postby кяιмѕση кσвяα » Sun Jan 08, 2017 12:36 am

Kathy | Female Member | 14 Years Old |

What else was there to do? Kathy sat at one of the cafeteria tables, unsure on what to do due to the lack of socialization between her and the others that stayed here. She wasn't that talkative, and she highly doubted she would get along with anyone here. Why? Just a nag, really. Something that she had in her stomach that was usually right, something that she knew was either impossible or merely impossible. Her past was something that blocked a lot of things out, even though it happened a few years ago. But, what made her so special? Everybody else had lost their loved ones, so why was she still grieving so much?

She sighed, shaking her head lightly before resting it on her palms, unsure on what to do next. Currently, the room was quiet, only the muffled voices of two audible in the room. Yet, she didn't attempt to look over nor attempt to see who it was, either from boredom or simply not rather intrigued. Before "It" happened, life was better then anyone could see. They were so pampered, so brung up by a blind eye, and once the unveiling came nobody was expecting it. She was still survived herself she had survived, and was rather impressed with herself deep inside, yet she hid it under so many walls that she even found it hard herself she could find it.
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