Moonstone Pack

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Moonstone Pack

Postby North Pack » Mon Jan 09, 2017 4:12 pm

Moonstone Pack

Rank Description:

Alphas- Leaders of the pack, everyone listens and obeys their commands.

Betas- Second in command, everyone but the alphas obeys their orders. The betas don't have to be mates

Lead Hunter- In control of the hunters and where they hunt and tactics being used.

Hunters- They hunt for the pack.

Lead Warrior- In control of the warriors and do border control with them.

Warriors- Maintain borders and are the stronger fighters of the pack.

Subordinates- The main body of the pack. They do both hunting and fighting but they aren't the best, they are average or below average in both "jobs".

Omegas- Lowest rank of the pack and they get not much respect and are where loners start off.

Elders- They are the wiser wolves that have seen almost the whole history of the pack.

Pups- They are the next generation of wolves.

Loners- Don't belong to a pack and they could join if they want to / if the leader allows it.



Alphas (1/2) :
Koa - M - Pine

Betas (2/2) :
Zayev - M - Grass, flowers, leaves, wood, dirt
Moon - F - Mountain scents, cold stone, ice, snow

Lead Hunter (1/1) :
Hunters (4/4) :
Raksha - F - Green Apple
Berezi - F -Douglas Fir
Lily - F - Lillies
Kade - M - Ocean's Breeze
Erica - F - Lavender

Lead Warrior (1/1) :
Darcy - M - Cypress
Warriors (3/4) :
Cerberus - M - Snow/Frost
Castiel - M - Citrus/Oranges
Aunica - F - Rain/Fresh cut hay

Subordinates and Others (Unlimited) :
Arlette - F - Honey

Omegas (2/2) :
Sokonone - F - Mint/Herb-like
Fenrir - M - Musky

Elders (1/2) :
Rufus - M - Cinnamon

Pups (0/5) :

Loners (1/5):
Jynx - F - Smoke




1. Follow all WP roleplay rules.
2. No hotlinking.
3. Romance is allowed, not too intimate.
4. No character limit but know what you can handle.
5. No god-modding or being an op player.
6. No killing or seriously injuring another player without their agreement.
7. Place Radical in other to prove you read the rules.
8. Mates scent is their signature scent and vanilla mixture.
9. This is my rp and I can not accept anyone who I think is unworthy.


Season: Autumn
Time of the Day: Morning
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Re: Moonstone Pack

Postby North Pack » Mon Jan 09, 2017 4:13 pm

Koa//Alpha Male//Pine//Tags:Open
Koa walked throughout the forest as his paws delicately touched the ground not making much noise. The colors of the leaves were crimson red, fiery orange, and a golden yellow that would take anyones breath away. The sun pierced through the cracks and leaks the leaves did not cover illuminating the forest floor. At this time Koa was doing territory checks as he does sometimes by himself. Despite the warriors doing that he liked to check the boundaries for himself feeling more secure. Don't get him wrong he trusts his members but does it for himself. Continuing to walk he stopped at the edge of the pack territory, it was a wide river with rushing water but hand calm and quiet banks along the river. Stopping at one he waded his paws through the water lapping up a couple gulps of water.

Kade//Hunter//Ocean's Breeze//Tags:Open
Kade opened his eyes as his shook his body get rid of the loose dirt that clung to his fur. Extending his upper arms he bent down into a downward dog stretching out his back and letting a good yawn out. Standing up straight he looked around to see a couple other members up or getting up. Kade felt the warmth of the sun with a cool autumn breeze. Sitting down and wrapping his tail around his body he looked over everyone remembering what this pack used to be under Koa's father's command. The memories still felt fresh as one was forever burned into his head. The omega case, Finn was the name of Koa's father and he wasn't a great leader. Kade knows it as the omega case because it involved an omega caught stealing some food and ended up costing their life. He knew that it was wrong but no one spoke up about it afraid for their own life, until Koa did. Now the pack life wasn't as tense and more friendly and understanding.
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Re: Moonstone Pack

Postby Wolfie447 » Mon Jan 09, 2017 4:22 pm

Raksha//Hunter//She-wolf//4//Green Apple Tags: {Open}

Raksha woke up and stretched her paws out yawning. She shook her fur and wagged her tail. She looked at the beautiful warm colored leaves falling from the tall trees. Raksha looked around and sighed as the morning breeze ruffled her fur. She smiled to the scents around her. She saw her pack mates around her and it sometimes made her feel protected. She waited for a while until there was a hunt she had to do...Other wise she would sit and watch the leaves falling and felt the air.
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Re: Moonstone Pack

Postby Starlight wolves6 » Mon Jan 09, 2017 4:44 pm

Moon- Female- Beta- Mountain scents- Tags: Zeyev

Moon was already awake, sitting outside her den, eyes bright. It was a good day. She leaned forward, stretching her muscles that flexed beneath her dark pelt. Rising from her stretch, she turned inside the beta den(?) and nudged Zayev, her green eyes glinting sharply in the dim light. She blinked warmly, trusting the large male more than she trusted most others. "Are you up? You big oaf," she muttered, prodding him with a paw. She acted cool and reserved around her other pack mates, but around Zayev it was clear she was much more open.

Lilly- Hunter- Female- Lillie's- tags: open

Lilly yawned, revealing her quite sharp pearly whites, and then turned to groom her fur until she was ordered to hunt, or anything really. The energetic wolf hated doing nothing, and would much rather hunt or... Or do anything! Her tail began to wag as she stared at the camps entrance, pale blue eyes bright. "Come on, something happen," she said, standing and wagging her tail furiously. She looked around for someone to talk to, anyone, even an omega she didn't care! She sat back down. Stood up. And then sat back down. Her sleek, dark dappled coat glimmered slightly in the rising sun.

Fenrir- Male- omega- Musky- Tags: Open
Fenrir was lying on his back away from camp, flailing his twisted paw in the air angrily. "Stupid thing! I could have caught that rabbit and had a great snack, if not for you. Catching on that branch, I seen it too! But you, you just ruin everything," he said twisting and standing on all fours. He took off at a trot, his eyes narrowed as he scented the air for prey. Nothing. He probably scared it all off, all the small stuff anyways. A squirrel chattered, taunting him with their calls. The thin pathetic creature liked like in this pack, but really it wasn't glamorous. Nothing was for him. Evidence of this was his half a tail and torn ear, making him all the more pathetic. It was bad enough he had a twisted paw!
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Re: Moonstone Pack

Postby North Pack » Mon Jan 09, 2017 5:30 pm

Kade//Hunter//Ocean's Breeze//Tags:Lilly
Kade snapped out of his thoughts seeing Lilly looking frustrated. Standing up he decided to walk over to the she-wolf to see what's up. "Hey Lilly, you doing okay?" he asked with concern in his voice as he could tell she wanted to do something. His cream/tan fur stood out brightly compared to dark brown and black coat. Lilly's sleek coat shimmered as his rugged one was as fancy looking. His tail wrapped around his body when he sat next to her.
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Re: Moonstone Pack

Postby Charcoal » Mon Jan 09, 2017 5:38 pm

Berezi // Hunter // Douglas Fir // Tags: mentions Koa
The fiery wolf was crouching low to the ground as she stalked a rabbit. The creature was laying down, its nose working at an unbelievable speed while its ears swiveled this way and that. A few colorful leaves covered the ground providing Berezi with some camouflage and a challenge. She didn't want to scare the creature and go on a chase! Creeping ever-closer the female was within range to strike when something snapped sending the brown figure into a racing blur. The hunter gave a growl before pursuing at a quick pace.

Twitsting through the trees and over shrubs weren't as much of a challenge to Berezi as she was smaller and more agile than others with sharp teeth. At some times it was hard to catch up to the rabbit as it clearly had the advantage of blending in just as she did but she didn't give up and was eventually on its heels. Now was her time. The female bunch her muscles and sprang forward, catching the small creature with a paw and crushing it on impact. "Take that you little rodent," she growled at the limp creature.

As the fox-like wolf raised her head and listened she realized that she was by the river and, after eventing the air some more, she scented the faint smell of pine. Koa was here somewhere as well. Berezi wouldn't disturb the alpha and instead sat and groomed her paws while catching her breath after the long sprint.

Darcy // Lead Warrior // Cypress // Tags: Open
Darcy was sitting at the base of a tree waiting for more of his warriors to wake up so that he could send them out of patrols and inform them on anything to look for. The black male took his job seriously as he was in charge of protecting the pack from possible threats. He noticed Raksha and returned her greeting with a nod. He didn't talk much as he didn't like those who would talk forever and a day. He found that they had nothing else to do but talk and found them not worth his time due to them only talking and not providing for themselves or anyone else. Darcy watched Lilly return to the pack through the entrance and he shifted his weight boredly. It seemed as though most of the hunters were awake.
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Re: Moonstone Pack

Postby The House of Mist42 » Mon Jan 09, 2017 5:46 pm

Zayev | Male | Beta | Forest Scents | Tags: Moon
He thought he was gonna have a good day, sleep half of the day, then wake up, perform his duties then sleep a bit more. But Moon never had let him do that. She always woke him up. He had woken up, but hadn't opened his eyes. He grumbled a bit and rolled over onto his other side, seeing if that would make Moon go away. Then she prodded him again. Seeing as she wouldn't leave him alone he opened his piercing blue eyes, peering up into her beautiful green eyes. "Yea, yea. I'm up." He said, rolling onto his belly and easing himself on his paws, his muscles flexing beneath his pelt. He shook his pure white pelt and a bit of dust particles came off. Once he was done, he looked outside if the den. "Has the Alpha sent out patrols yet?" He asked, taking a step out and looking around the camp. He looked back at her, a playful glint in his eyes. Due to his position, he had to be firm with the other wolves in the pack. But, with Moon, it was completely different. He could be himself around her. Most likely because he had met her while he was traveling to this pack.
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Re: Moonstone Pack

Postby Wandering Shadows » Mon Jan 09, 2017 6:36 pm

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Re: Moonstone Pack

Postby Starlight wolves6 » Mon Jan 09, 2017 7:13 pm

Moon- Female- Beta Female- Tags: Zeyev

Moon sighed, "No, he's out patrolling himself. That makes us I'm charge till he gets back, we should make sure the hunts and patrols are taken care of," she said, pausing for a moment. "Unless, you would rather be a lazy bum all day," she said smirking as she flicked his nose with the tip of her tail, green eyes glinting, also looking quite playful. "Maybe after all that's taken care of, we can go hunting, just the two of us," she said, eyes soft, unlike the stern, collected look she always seemed to have. It wasn't that she didn't like or trust their pack mates, she just felt that around them it was more efficient to act, well, like a beta.

Lilly- Female- Hunter- Tags: Kade
Lilly sighed, "I'm, well, bored. I want to hunt but the betas just woke up and alphas who knows where! And if I can't hunt, I want to talk to someone," she said, sheepishly looking at her paws self consciously. Despite being very pretty, she seemed blissfully unaware of her own beauty, which really was why she wasn't a snob, and why she assumed that everyone just wanted to be her friend. Why, you could flirt with her all day and she'd flirt back but she'd just call you a friend unless you straight said 'I love you'. She looked up, "otherwise, nothing's wrong with me, infact it's a very nice day," she said, shifting her paws.
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Re: Moonstone Pack

Postby North Pack » Mon Jan 09, 2017 8:40 pm

Koa//Alpha Male//Pine//Tags: Hunters, mentions Berezi
Koa backed away from the water as he decided to head back. A cool crisp autumn's breeze swept up as he could smell douglas fir, Berezi is probably hunting. Walking back towards base he hoped most members were awake as he did see some of them conversing with each other. His black fur absorbed the tiny bits of sunlight that would peak through as early morning had just passed. It wasn't to hot but not cold as it was the middle of autumn. He swayed his tail back and forth as he hoped his betas had already ordered to start the patrols for the warriors. Koa howled wanting the hunters to come together as he would have them try a new part of their territory to see how the game is over there.

Kade//Hunter//Ocean's Breeze//Tags: Lilly, mentions Koa
Kade smiled as he thought Lilly was being a bit childish, "Be patient, I heard the alpha is going to assign us something fun today" he said wagging his cream and black colored tail. he loved the rush that hunting gave him as his adrenaline would skyrocket. The feeling his paws felt while gripping the ground and slowly gaining on the prey. What excited him the most was jumping up and latching his fangs that were egg shell white colored. Despite some of their hunts failing he always loved the challenge it gave him with a huge rush. "Well that's good and you'll soon get to sink your pretty fangs into something" Kade said with a hint of flirtation in his voice. He wasn't the most handsome wolf but he always tried. His ears perked up hearing the Koa's howl, "I think we're going to find out where todays hunt is going to take place" he said standing up and walking towards Koa as his tail swayed low.
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