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Postby Sirius » Tue Dec 20, 2016 3:30 pm

Okay so.

At about.. 6:50 GMT my older brother heard an odd noise, he said he thought it was our younger sister I dunno, playing.

I was at the vets with my parents, we were picking up our pet that had had surgery earlier.

When we got back, 3 or 4 men (most were 16-20 according to another eyewitness) were walking down our road (7:10 GMT) right next to our car, so I saw them pretty clearly. Didn't really think much of it.

After about 5 minutes of sorting out our pet, just giving her medicine and stuff, we sat down, only to find our neighbour (our next door neighbours, next door neighbour) at the door. She told us her son (the eyewitness mentioned earlier) had seen 3-4 men between her house and our neighbours house. The men started to walk away when they saw him and then we saw them. Anyway. She asked us to check the back of their house from our garden, and sure enough, two glass panels had been smashed. We called the police, gave them a brief description of the men and explained what we had seen/heard. The police checked the house and the upstairs bedroom had been rummaged through, sentimental possessions had been thrown onto the floor.

We tracked down our neighbours (who were out at the time) and managed to find where they were.

I'm just fed up. My neighbours are the sweetest people you will ever meet. They do so much for everyone and this...just...ugh.

The only good news we have is that, while looking for the men, the police found two other people that they had been looking for for months.

Hn. I hate some people.

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