Crush... and My stupid nervous tick...

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Crush... and My stupid nervous tick...

Postby Wolves Of The Beyond » Tue Dec 27, 2016 10:28 pm

So the guy I like is a grade above me, plus I have a friend who likes him as well, she dated him, but broke up with him to get with someone else. Then I have three friends that are trying to get me with him before the end of the year. Used to be four, but the one quit, now trying to get another two of are friends together. I only have lunch and gym with him so. Then I have a nervous tick of mine that I started seeing a lot of last year. Every time I talk to someone I like I will randomly rub the end of my nose as if it is itching. Random, I know. Stupidest tick ever. Back to the boy thought. He is in band, plus is a wrestler, so I really like him, plus I wanted to do wrestling, yet missed tryout do to me being sick. Then I used to be in band as well, I played flute, but I was pretty bad at it. Then I wanted to do drum this year, my band friends are trying to get me back in anyway, but he plays drums. What is this? It is really crazy. So I just had to let this all out. I feel better talking to some people on here than friends, since they all start telling people who others like.
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Re: Crush... and My stupid nervous tick...

Postby Maniax » Sat Jan 14, 2017 9:00 pm

The same thing happens to me whenever I'm nervous or trying not to laugh or smile. I'll rub my nose like I have an itch.
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