Knock out

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Knock out

Postby Spirit's Cry » Mon Jan 02, 2017 11:53 pm

Yep, just like the title says, but first lemme explain why I'm putting this here. I'm a klutz. Got my father's "tall" gene and I sometimes can't tell where my arms are from where my feet are...Not good. I had the fantastic nickname "Grace" at my old school because I literally could not walk down a straight, flat hallway without tripping and falling onto my face. Dodgeball is a disaster for me. Oh well, I'll grow out of it soon as I'm told by just about everyone. When I moved to my new school, I hoped things would be better. What could possibly go wrong? Yeah right. I now have a reputation here as well as a result from my creating an amazing domino effect when I was placed at the back of the line for a fire drill and tripped into the person in front of me.... Yeah, not good.

So, why am I telling you all that? Because a recent injury that I received exploded back into popularity when I told someone why my cheek tingles when I touch the part where the bone is. She told EVERYBODY. So, because I'm upset about it I'm going to tell you all what really happened:

Scene: My old school's playground. Lunch recess. My class and I are playing team tag. I've caught one of my friends, Elijah (all names have been changed) and were both trying to catch one of the other kids, Philip. There's a climbing wall towards the edge of the playground, and Elijah and I both go on different sides in an attempt to tag him. We both run around the corner...and everything went dark. The next thing I know, my teacher is pulling me to my feet and dragging me inside. At the time I went to a small school, and he took me into his room, to the couch in the back. I saw my face in the mirror and kind of laughed, I still hadn't registered what had happened. But my left eye is swelling and it's a nasty purplish color. Yikes. Elijah wasn't much better. His forehead was also horribly bruised and I swear there was a dent in it (there wasn't, but still...) We both learned later that we'd both careened around the corner...and straight into each other. My eye was swollen shut for three days and the bruise didn't go away for a couple weeks. My mother thinks I got some nerve damage, and that's why my cheek now tingles when I touch it.
Biggest. Clumsy. Idiot. Ever. Elijah and I had a good laugh about it later, but I still feel horrible. If I'd just payed attention to where I was going, none of that would've happened...

I am dangerous. Keep away. XD
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Re: Knock out

Postby Apothecary » Tue Jan 03, 2017 6:32 pm

It's not nice somebody went and tried making fun of you like that, but honestly, it is kind of funny and something I see myself doing. But school is school, because do this stuff for attention, and to put others down, don't let it get you!
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