Science Classes

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Science Classes

Postby ~Dawnguard~ » Mon Jan 09, 2017 12:29 pm

I really hate my Science classes in school, and honestly I just need to vent about it.

So, first off, I sit inbetween two guys who are always talking to me and it's really annoying. When I tell them to be quiet, they just end up talking even more, and the guy on my left always tells really stupid jokes which aren't even funny but ends up laughing at it and re-telling it for 10 minutes after. The worst part is, whenever the teacher hears them trying to talk to me, she tells us all to be quiet, even when I'm telling them to be quiet or silently actually focusing on class! They're also constantly asking me questions the teacher either just answered or they would easily know if they had been focusing on class.

Also, a month ago or so we had a project to create a "building" type thing and see how much weight it could hold before being crushed. We partnered up, yet it was random, so I got paired up with this really annoying girl. Let's just call her "Door". Ok so, Door is always trying to talk to me as well, while I'm designing our building and actually building it. Whenever Door tried to help anyways, she simply messed it up and made me use more of our Limited resources, and it overall messed up the quality of the building. Door always used way too much glue, which made the building crumple more and everything stuck together resally messily. We had 4 days (4 hours) to build the actual thing, 1 day to test, and 2 days (2 hours) for the paper report. Before building, I got the paper report about 65% done to get most of it out of the way.

Now, added to the story, my Science teacher! Well call her "Ms. Pillow". Alright, so I wasn't at school the 2 other days we worked on the paper report because I stepped on a nail in my house and had to go to doctoe and I couldn't walk very well for a while. Anyways, so when I come back she asks me for my paper report, so I hand it in. Still 65% done...
Ms. Pillow calls me to the front of class and asks me why it's incomplete. I tel her I wasn't here for the 2 days and she gives me a confused and angry look, saying "We had the entire month to work on this." So Ms. Pillow handed me back my report and said "I expect it done by the end of the day, work on it at lunch." And I felt like punching her. We had gotten a paper with all information with the project on it. It said we have two days to finish our paper report. Not the entire month. I also had to work on math at lunch, so I end up in the math room doing my paper report for 80% of the time and doing math other 20% of time, and all I could think of was Ms. Pillow being annoying.

And that's not even the end of Ms. Pillow annoying me. I had lost my big eraser about 8 weeks ago (I got it back two weeks after loosing it). I made sure to always write my name in pen on my eraser cause I'm a master at loosing stuff (Lost my water bottle in Science class too, but got it back the next day. No thanks to Ms. Pillow) So there is my name. In bright red pen on my eraser. My pencil erasers were becoming nubs and I couldn't use them. So one day while walking past Ms. Pillows desk, guess what I see? My lost eraser. With my name facing up so she obviously saw it. I even put my class and grade on it too. And I just really...really wanted to slap her. She had my eraser for 2 weeks sitting on her desk in front of her. And she never gave it back. So I grabbed it and glared at her for the rest of class.

The end. I know this is really long, but my Science class has a lot of problems.
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Re: Science Classes

Postby Sahara » Mon Jan 09, 2017 4:45 pm

Ack, I'm sorry to hear you're having a rough time in your science class. :(
Try not to give up on the class just yet, science is a great subject overall and I'd hate to see the teacher and other problems ruin it for you! I'd suggest to just hang on as best as you can, and hopefully it won't turn out to be so bad in the end!

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Re: Science Classes

Postby Destinations End » Mon Jan 09, 2017 8:05 pm

I'm sorry you're having these hardships.

Have you tried talking this all out with that teacher? It's possible she doesn't realize her actions are causing this much trouble for you. Maybe request a chance to speak with her during lunch or after school sometime and calmly and politely express how this all is affecting you. If those students are still hounding you with questions that results in her telling you all to be quiet, try explaining when that happens, you're not a part of it and that the most you'll do is tell them to be quiet; and maybe ask if you can change seats to prevent that from happening.
Maybe bring up the part about how you had stepped on a nail, which is why you had been gone those days and couldn't finish that paper.

If you've already tried talking to her and nothing has changed, Is there another science teacher in your school you could request to transfer into their science class?
Try not to let this one teacher ruin science for you, it will make it harder in the years to come.
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