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Re: Art || Poem || Nostalgia

Postby AspenLeSheep » Wed Jan 11, 2017 3:04 am

Unceasingwolf03 wrote:Green grass. Cold wind.
I shiver. I touch this grass. Feel this wind.
I think.
Feathers. Feathers are the lightest thing in our world. But put them together they make a bird, flying in the sky.
And when I reached out to touch that feather, that sting in the back of my mind reminded me.
I couldn't fly away.

This is my free-verse poem.
Pack #: 150680

No picture.

Contest Closed. Price handed out tomorrow.
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Re: Art || Poem || Nostalgia

Postby Random Skittle » Thu Jan 12, 2017 11:34 pm

Sorry if I seem a bit rude, but who won?! All of you did an amazing job! ;3
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Re: Art || Poem || Nostalgia

Postby AspenLeSheep » Thu Jan 12, 2017 11:41 pm

тнєℓσωєя¢αѕє_кιηg wrote:- when I was younger, I wasn't the brightest. I was very sensitive back then, and I had a few mental-health problems that I've sense rid off at least of the majority. I found a cat upon the street. You know, those cliche 'free kittens' within a box sort of things. He died a few years back. Run over by a car at about nine years of age. I got him when I was maybe seven; going into first grade. And trust me, he was the one thing that most likely kept me alive to be here today. No matter how odd or idiotic that may or may not sound. His memory makes me happy however. Considering we've had quite a few good moments together. Him being the majority of the reason why I got into photography. Since, he used to enjoy posing for some odd reason. Or, something short of it. x3

      I was once a child;
      whom always smiled.
      The sun brought me joy;
      the moon got me riled

      However, I was lonely;
      I figured that slowly.
      I was alone;
      until I found something holy.

      My god it was a kitten!
      and my, was I smitten.
      Over the whiskers, and fixtures,
      and I stuffed it in my linens.

      It grew and it grew,
      the whole winter through.
      Granting me company;
      keeping me true.

      I sang to it,
      and he to me.
      They thought I was crazy;
      but so was he.

      Until he died.
      Another uncovered lie.
      I was abandoned,
      but, I couldn't cry.

      He told me he'd stay,
      Until the last day.
      But I was young;
      and spoke in tongue;
      even over his grave.

Pack # :: 123031
Entry Name :: Catastrophy -wink-
Type of Entry :: photograph
Entry :: -click-

100 mush will be sent shortly.

Honorable mentions are located below...
Oopsi wrote:Pack # and name:: 152112 and Fuzzbucket
Entry Name :: Tiger
Type of Entry :: Poem, photo, explanation.


Into donation:
Many clothes,
many books,
one broken snow globe,
two sets of toys,
three bears for sleep,
one choice, I want to keep.

I choose Tiger,
given by both mother and father,
who I see no longer together,
this tiger they gave me
guided me with granite
and gave me a vast mind.

I love him most for
unveiling beauty in my life.

Image of my tiger: http://imgur.com/fYwaWR5

Explanation: My mom and dad gave me this stuffed tiger before they divorced, they couldn't remember who really bought it for me. I hold onto it because it reminds me of the time they were together, and also because that stuffed animal was the first picture I ever drew. I'm now a skilled artist, and I still have my tiger. Ironically, I named it Tiger. xD

Apocalyptic Wolves wrote:Pack # :: 96611
Entry Name :: O'er The Water
Type of Entry :: Photo
Entry :: http://i.imgur.com/ISlDHGG.jpg?


O'er the water
Can be seen a fantastic view
Trees of all hues as far as the eye can reach
Before the silky, thick fog has them out of sight

O'er the water
I saw inspiration
To see more like it

For many months I pondered
And viewed
Oh, so many views like itself

From trees as far as I may see
To skies as blue as my beloved's eyes
From clouds, soft and vivid as an ancedote
Topography never fathomed before

O'er the water
Sparked something new
A new pastime
A new life

O'er the water
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Re: Art || Poem || Nostalgia

Postby genesta1 » Sun Jan 15, 2017 9:58 am

My Best Friend

You can call anyone a best friend
But its not always true
A best friend is a real friend
One you can tell anything to

When you were a kitten
I took you in my arms
You were oh so sweet
With your kitten charms

I loved you then, and I love you now
Because your my best friend
If I ever lost you
My heart would never mend


Pack Number: 145210
Entry Name: My Best Friend
Type of Entry: Photo
Entry: http://fav.me/davd95t
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Re: Art || Poem || Nostalgia

Postby AspenLeSheep » Sun Jan 15, 2017 10:00 am

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Re: Lock

Postby dougnkim08 » Sun Jan 15, 2017 11:21 am

Locking Due To Request
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