BRP x Nibbler Rp

BRP x Nibbler Rp

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Currently closed 1x1 Rp with Nibbler. ))
He had been out since dawn, 5208 steps ago, tracing the faded territory edges of the Black River tribe. The routine wasn't so much for him, as it was a lookout for the last original male that knew a lot about the first wolves that formed such a unique family unit. Even after surviving four summers here, there was still so much Klah had to learn from the older fox-mutt. Why only the basics?

'You know why. If I taught you everything, then you would learn nothing else new. You would cease adapting.'

The phrase echoed from the back of the darkened brute's mind, ringing truer than the violent summer thunderstorms that returned to these parts every year. The fabricated rabbit canteen hung limp from his jaws, half full of the day's water ration. It worried him not, there was enough left to see him back to the sandstone caves safely. So far though, today had been rather ...quiet. A herd of 11 peccaries foraged some 137 wolf-lengths behind him now, but that was about it. Realizing this, Klah's ivory paws slowed their march and eventually stopped.

The breeze was gentle, almost forgiving. A storm would ravage the dried floodplains later today. He would have to team up with Liwanu and gather supplies before then. Wonderful.

Arrangements were made and Rhine was alerted to move to higher ground before the two males set off to hunt for meat and stones. Lightning stones. Both would secure them until the storms passed and floodwaters cleared. A third paw would be most valuable right about now.

Klah had lead Liwanu back to the small peccary family from earlier, tracking them to the shade of cacti and sage brush. At least one of the larger females would hold them over for awhile, but to take one on as two males, even with one being as strong as Liwanu, was a huge risk. To be gored by tusks meant sitting out of at least 4 nights. Something neither brute could afford.

However, because he was distracted by his calculative cloud of thought, the white-footed Alpha almost missed his chance to strike.

A flash of cream, red and black broke cover and barreled into the panicked heard of pigs, forcing them to flee in all directions. Klah had regained consciousness and joined the charge, zeroing in on their chosen target. Lighter than the Dire-throwback, he had a better shot at keeping up. Not for long, but long enough to steer the sow into a simple trap of twisted logs. Here, the sow managed to stumble and actually trip, meeting Klah's opened fangs head on. Liwanu quickly joined the Alpha and earned purchase of the sow's neck, shoving his own elongated teeth into the tough hide.

The commotion had to be dealt with quickly, for all the peccary's screaming would draw more scavengers than either male was keen on dealing with.
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Re: BRP x Nibbler Rp

Postby Nibbler » Thu Jan 05, 2017 12:03 am

A pack of seven wolf trudged heavily with their heads and tails hung low under the unforgiving desert sun. Without doubt, the Nibblers had ventured into the wrong side of the tracks again.

Just like last Fall when they thought they had secured a safe haven for winter, a bountiful forest full of fat squirrels and rabbits, of course--for a reason they'd rather not think of, the forest burned down. Both alphas and Humky were wounded while they were fleeing to nearby river. As if that wasn't enough, they met a resident pack of eight; two adults and six greedy, growing pups. What the Nibblers would struggle to do for the rest of Winter was decided the moment Alvare saw those pups.

Hunger and cold drove two of Trinity's pups mad enough to show aggression towards Neklui, something that was unthinkable even for the betas. Clear enough, it didn't end well. Trinity's eyes which were always gentle and fragile from past betrayals, had turned outright empty ever since.

Despite having the odds overwhelmingly stacked against them, everyone survived Winter. Even every pup, at least the last time they saw them. The pack decided it might be a cue for them to leave the safety of forests that they had been roaming in, and go...dryer.

Humky walked by Trinity's side to show support. Nothing he tried had brought change, but as always, he kept on believing everything would turn out alright.

Alvare was on Trinity's right side. His reddish, tawny colored front limbs stepping just slightly ahead of her. Every once in a while he'd glance at Neklui's bulging stomach, his expression transitioning between guilt and hopeful excitement. A piece of dry grass remained stuck behind her left ear as souvenir from the prairie they passed two days ago. It was a huge, open space that none of them had never even imagined existed, and except for Trinity, the pack members went back into puppies; chasing each other, rolling in the grass and playing around under the sun. Compelled by the force of annual instinct sizzling their blood and excitement, the young alphas forgot the consequences and mated.

They had no idea what comes after the warm prairie. Trinity, who used to live by the sea, had the pack convinced from her short and unclear replies that albeit a bit strange, these sands lead to the beach. And so the pack kept going in high spirit.

Now having no choice but keep moving in the seemingly endless desert, the pack's mood was subdued. Usually Neklui would have her banter with Alvare, challenging him to some ridiculous competition, or just mess with the rest of the pack. Humky would've been immersed in conversation with Violet and their mother would make the three get into trouble by attempting to test out some theories. Twilight would've scolded everyone and Wulf would've been by her side to remind her when emotion gets the best the black-faced female--but now, no one had said anything since dawn.

Mostly because of the heat, but also largely because of Neklui's silence. Pregnancy usually cause female wolves to either become more gentle or more aggressive--Neklui had been showing neither. Only unnerving silence. The pack had all been walking a bit distance behind the largest wolf among Nibblers, just in case an unprovoked aggression occur. Neklui was slower than usual. The weight of her pregnancy and her dark-colored pelt absorbing the heat clearly had the usually seemingly invincible wolf struggling.

Alvare blanked for a few moments when the white on his left disappeared; he slowly turned and saw Trinity tumbling shortly down the rocky slope, then laid still.

"Mom!" Humky and Trinity raced to her followed closely by Alvare and the betas. After a short inspection Alvare turned to Neklui, who stopped on her tracks and was waiting.

Alive, but too weak to continue.

Neklui raised her muzzle and started howling with voice clear and steady. She stopped, then started again. One by one the pack members joined in the howl, calling for nearby resident pack.
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Re: BRP x Nibbler Rp

Postby DaQuietwolves » Thu Jan 05, 2017 12:14 am


The peccary was half butchered by the time Klah and Liwanu caught wind of the howls. Many howls; seven if the patchwork male were to guess. Both brutes knew that many displaced wolves would be far more than either could handle and keep themselves safe. Rhine would be disturbed from her gathering much the same as they were.

Klah lead the charge across the floodplains after howling a reply to the wayward party. Liwanu's throaty tenor soon echoed his darker Alpha, the strength behind it travelling much further in the dry, empty air. Thus was the way the ancient Dire tribes kept in contact, their voices simply carried more volume which allowed them to cover greater distances and satiate their own needs. They could focus and survive, if only barely.

"Seven exactly, Liwanu," Klah announced as he eased out of his land-eating gallop and floating into a steady trot. "Quite the crowd."

"They are outsiders like you. I can tell by their howls," replied the Dire-throwback, his massive frame easily blanketing the smaller Alpha in his shadow. Thank stars most desert wolves weren't aggressive. "Not far from our shelter, but closer to the cistern. Which way shall we lead them?"

What would Vaive do?

No, what did Vaive teach HIM to do? The legacy of the Black River wolves now fell to this outsider brute, his adopted sister and a native prince. To build onto or destroy as he saw fit. Yet, Klah wouldn't allow that. He had become smitten with the wolves he met here, despite the harsh landscape surrounding them. For once in his life, the patchwork male felt There was always risk, but that was the point of survival. Of living. Everyone deserved a chance to try.

"Bring them home. The floods will overtake us before dawn tomorrow, and we'll all be trapped at the cistern," Klah decided, heaving a sigh upon observing the weakened party of wolves below their bluff. The agony came back in full force; the day he had been discovered, not once, but twice. The day he wondered if he should fear for his life, or attempt to fight. To trust everything the wolves said. Now, he stood on other side of the river as it were, welcoming Outsiders into their realm.

"Brothers and Sisters, my Beta and I have heard your outcry and bring some water to drink. Please, how can we help you?"
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Re: BRP x Nibbler Rp

Postby Nibbler » Thu Jan 05, 2017 1:19 am

Distress stirred the pack as soon as the answer howl reached, reverberating the dry air around them. Twilight started pacing back and forth.

"That was the strongest howl I've ever heard," she informed Alvare curtly. "What kind of monsters could survive--no, thrive in this barren land, enough to choose to live here? We've made a mistake."

"Twilight, I'm sure they'll be kind if we show we've come with good intent," Humky stood up, trying to soothe her. The result was the exact opposite. "Your naivety suits your youth," she spat at him.

"My, my. You're quite aggravated, dear. Don't want the house owner to see us as threatening now, do we?"

Twilight held back a snarl as Alvare approached her with a good-natured smile eased on his lips. "Me? Did you forget what happened last time we met another pack? Just who jumped--"

Twilight's ears pressed against the back of her head, not daring to continue. But the pack understood. Their memory traveled back to the day a forest was burning in the background, when a certain wolf lunged at the other pack's alpha after a polite exchange...

"She was provoked. You won't do that again, right, darling?" Despite Alvare's bright, confident chuckling, the pack was not convinced. Especially when Neklui's response amounted to nothing. Her attention was elsewhere.

"We're doomed," Twilight snorted. Alvare ignored her. He came up close to Neklui for the first time that day, putting his face closer to hers than the others would dare to. Despite all his light-hearted words before, as soon as his back was turned, smile faded from his face. "I'm serious this time, Neklui. This is not our usual playground. Please do this one favor for me."

Neklui stared at him without saying a word, her pale blue gaze unreadable.

"Fine. I'll tell Twilight to watch over you," he attempted to provoke her, but seemed a little hurt instead when Neklui didn't respond. "Neklui..."

He perked up when her lips parted into a slight sneer, letting out a guttural, incorrigible growl. A moment passed before understanding dawned on Alvare's face. "...oh. I'll definitely tell Twilight to watch over you."

The pack froze as they saw Alvare stiffened. That can't be good. "What is it, alpha?" Violet called, hesitant.

But Alvare's movement was laid-back as usual when he turned back to them. "Nothing, she's just feeling a bit unwell," he grinned. "Wulf, we'll talk with them just a little bit further."


Twilight stirred when Wulf stood up, but Alvare shook his head at her. "No," he said in suprising finality. "Guard the pack for me, Twilight. Violet, come here."

Twilight seemed crestfallen, but she complied without saying another word.

"" Violet didn't believe what she heard, but Humky nudged her shoulder in support and whispered to her in some sort of a conspirational tone. "Go impress, little sister."

Making sure Twilight wouldn't think she's trying to take over her place, Violet trotted past her with her body lowered, ears pulled back tight and tail low. She gradually relaxed her body until nearing her full height as Alvare welcomed her to his left side, where Twilight usually stood during an encounter with another pack.


To outsiders, it might seem obvious that the alpha male would be the dark, brooding wall of muscles whom stood out among the pack. But it was the smaller, lithe, sand-colored male who trotted ahead among the three wolves as they approached Klah and Liwanu. The other one was a young female who might still have a pup fang or two, but her confidence and composure suggested that she had had her first hunt already.

The male who lead seemed several years younger than the grey male behind him. Curiously, it was his playful, somewhat child-like confidence that marked him as leader. Once he's closer, though, one could see that his green eyes radiated strength and goodness, the kind of eyes that might had compelled the Nibblers to choose him as their alpha.

"Greetings, Brothers," he began warmly, seemingly amused by the unusual choice of words. "I am the Alpha of Nibblers, Alvare. This is my beta, Wulf, and our promising young hunter, Violet." Both dipped their heads in greeting.

"We apologize for having breached into your territory. As you can see, we are a bit lost," he laughed a bit, seeming to genuinely found that funny, while Violet seemed exasperated that he revealed how they're in a disadvantageous situation easily, but said nothing. Alvare pointed at the white female who's lying down where Nibblers settled with his muzzle.

"One of us had collapsed from thirst and heat. We had no choice but to call for help. If possible, we'd like to borrow a place to stay the night, some food, and drink. Your kindness will be returned," his eyes shifted to Violet, who didn't seem to expect that glance. "Violet is an excellent hunter. She bites harder than many of us, is relentless, does not panic easily, and always focused. A level-minded female who shows potential of a remarkable tactician. I am sure that she will bring great assistance to your pack. She has grown up well. I couldn't have been prouder," he said, truly brimming with pride. Violet looked at him in confusion, her composure wavering.

"But of course!" Alvare chuckled suddenly as he continued speaking to Klah and Liwanu. "We all will be doing best to repay your kindness. We assure you, we are quite good at hunting."
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Re: BRP x Nibbler Rp

Postby DaQuietwolves » Thu Jan 05, 2017 3:17 am

It was Liwanu's earth-and-water gaze that observed the pack as politely as he could. Of course, Klah would have done the same, but to relay the situation once all were safe and well would do the pair good should their guests extend their stay.

So far, he was discovering more good than bad.

"A great pleasure to meet with you, Alvare. Please, rest assured, no territory lines have been breached. However, I must interrupt your urge to negotiate for now, though I do highly appreciate your willingness to help," Klah soothed, immediately dipping his head to release the water-filled jackrabbit carcass from around his neck. The larger Dire-throwback, too, yielded his canteen to the newcomers, urging them to share amongst their own as needed. "If your female is suffering from the heat, please, take these rabbits and hold them by their feet above her muzzle. Water will flow from within. Hurry. The heat acts quickly."

Seven wolves, some of which were near the brink of collapse just the same as the ivory female they spoke of. One, oh stars she was pregnant. 47 days from what his nose could tell; not heavily, but lack of adequate water would do a toll on her body and unborn young. Speaking of, the youngest female and sub-adult sibling rounded out the youth of the pack, a lot of life yet to live in their innocent eyes. An older pair still in their prime seemed to serve as foundation, but, much like Vaive had advised with him, a younger male presented himself as leader.

This could go really well, or quite terribly.

"Oh, and excuse my manners, Alvare. My name is Klah, and this is Liwanu. There is only one more of us that completes my pack; her name is Rhine. As soon as we're able to present you with shelter and resources, I will happily explain all that I can with you."

Not ...all.

"Nwinwa," uttered the low phrase, definitely not directed towards the newcomer guests. Hard training brought Klah up to speed on a lot of ancient Dire language. Still, there were bits and pieces that sailed by. For now, Liwanu kept the sayings brief so that his Alpha could understand effectively. Secretive? No, at least not intentional.

"Er, yes, Liwanu. All in good time. My apologies, Alvare. I do not mean to rush you or your pack," Klah added, only now realizing the building thunderhead of panic that had nearly compromised his ability to think through situations. Let's not hurt anyone else in the process. "We will wait until your family is well enough to begin travel. Come to us when you're ready."
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Re: BRP x Nibbler Rp

Postby Nibbler » Sat Jan 07, 2017 11:33 pm

--Sorry for the late reply! Couldn't find my writing muse and then RL hit me hard.
Since this is your terrain, please go ahead and hurt or even kill one of them if you want. Some of them are rather reckless after all xD--

Low snarls escaped the Nibblers lips as they saw the water. A possessive, instinctual attempt to secure the basic needs of a wolf. Even they were still able to hold civil conversation, truth was, all of them were at their wits end.

Alvare sent them warning glare--and Wulf growled at him. The alpha was surprised, but seemingly eager to re-assert his dominance. The stare-down was ended by a very surprised scream from behind.

"She's coming!"

They whirled around to see a massive bundle of muscle covered in tan and brown galloping in full force towards them, fur rippled by impact the second after every time her powerful legs ram her whole weight onto the sandy ground. Shadow fell over her eyes, making her expression unreadable.

"Oh, Goddess," Wulf whispered.
"Good Goddess," echoed his alpha.

Then Alvare snapped out of being stunned by the sight, realizing the dire situation at hand. "Run!" He barked, "She's after the water, there's probably no more left for today aside from these!"

Awakened by the order, the black female and the young male scrambled to their feet and began chase. "Don't come into range--it's boar!"

Despite the rather insulting term, the pack seemed to understand him. The tan female certainly looked like a boar charging madly towards them. Even without the tusks, a direct hit would cause considerable damage. And once hit, the jaw and claws could do serious damage.

"I apologize," he muttered to the two natives as he snatched one of the canteens. "Violet."

The young female shifted her eyes reluctantly from the charging wolf to Alvare, jaws slightly open. Alvare pushed the canteen to her mouth. "To Trinity. Wulf!"

Violet turned to see Trinity who was sitting, seemingly awake, but her sitting quietly as the scene folded out suggested that she's not entirely responding. Focus returned to Violet's eyes, and she dashed with Wulf folowing behind, as Violet's light body allowed her to run faster.

Alvare muttered another apology as he took the other canteen and began running head on towards the 'boar', who seemed to see nothing but the canteen on his mouth. He began to veer right, luring her away from Wulf and Violet who's on their way to Trinity. The black female and the young male started to catch up with the 'boar'.

The 'boar' veered briefly to the left, following Alvare--then suddenly made a sharp turn. Not towards Violet, who's carrying the water canteen, but towards the unmoving Trinity.

Horror spreaded on the wolves' face for she was the closest running distance to Trinity. "Neklui's aiming for Trinity!" the black female shouted to Alvare, who slipped on the sand as he tried to make a u-turn, and was scrambling back to his feet before continuing to chase after the tan female. But the slip cost him time. Now the closest behind the tan female, Neklui, was the black female.

Violet picked up her pace, now a flash of black and white. She succeeded reaching her mother first. Her mother looked at her blankly as Violet poured the water from the rabbit's canteen into her mouth.

"Safe!" Wulf's deep voice boomed, victorious, while he's still running towards the two. But Violet looked behind her--Neklui wasn't stopping. She froze in terror in front of Trinity, trying to pick up her thought as Neklui was getting closer and closer, looking bigger and more frightening.

The male alpha's wrought up voice entered her hearing. "Twilight, don't!"

Just then she saw the black female was coming fast to Neklui's left flank. Somehow, the first thing she noticed was the blind anger on the Twilight's eyes.

For Violet, it felt as if everything became slow as she sprung into the air; she frantically tried to grasp why she did her split-second decision to leave her mother and instead of jumping at Neklui, she was aiming to hit Twilight, who had just jumped a moment before to lunge at Neklui. She saw Neklui went past by her left legs, and Twilight's darkened gaze turning into slow confusion when she saw Violet coming onto her.

Violet braced for impact a moment before she slammed onto Twilight in the air. The two crashed tumbling down, entangled on each other, as they rolled on the sand, unable to stop right away. Violet felt a sharp pain on her shoulder. Twilight had bitten her, probably out of reflex. But she couldn't care less at the moment. Turning her head around, she saw Neklui lurching onto Trinity.

Trinity's empty eyes seemed to widen as a way overdue realization came onto her; in a flash, fear dilated her pupils and she jumped back in time as Neklui landed where she sat. Pulling into a standing position perpendicular to Neklui's direction, back lurching high, she snapped involuntarily out of fear at Neklui as the bigger female, no longer able to stop, rammed onto her. The force of the impact was far lessened by Neklui's last minute leaping and landing, but it still sent the two wolves sprawling on the ground. Neklui's hind legs got stuck on Trinity's athwart body, preventing the both of them from rolling like Violet and Twilight before. Trinity struggled, snapping and growling in panic from under Neklui's body as the tan female slowly revealed her fangs.

Neklui started laughing.

Her laugh was a hard tenor voice that rung out, reaching all the stunned Nibblers that all had gathered around them with tensed body. Trinity looked up to Neklui, frightened and disoriented. Neklui stood and shook sand off her pelt before strutting heavily to the jackrabbit carcass.

"Wait," Alvare rushed forward, but Neklui only took a big gulp and pushed the canteen back to him.

"Ha ha! You should've seen your faces! Big Guy said 'Safe'! Ahahahaha!" She laughed and laughed while slowly relief wracked over Alvare's expression, and he began to chuckle along. "Heh, ha ha! We actually fell for that one! What in the name of Goddess was 'Safe'?"

"It's safe," Wulf said with his naturally gruff voice adding a shrug, seemingly quite unaffected that Alvare's laughing at him. Affected by Alvare's excitement, Wulf's tail started wagging slightly. Both Humky and Violet started smiling--more because of relief than anything--eventually the excitement caught up to them and they started laughing as well. If anything, they seemed to be quite used to this sort of situation as well.

Trinity looked around in a still disoriented expression when a large shadow fell over her. She looked up to Neklui's blue eyes glinting at her, voice talking with a singsong tone. "It was fun, rabbit. What did all of you think, that I was going to kill her over water? Ha, haha!"

Frankly, yes.

"Unless you want to die--" a small sneer tugged Neklui's lips and the end of her word faded into an almost soundless snarl. "One less mouth to feed doesn't sound bad. Up."

Trinity stood up and averted her gaze from Neklui. She seemed to be struggling with her own thoughts, and sadness once again glazed over her being. But she seemed more awake than she had been earlier, more alert to her surroundings.

Violet looked at her mother in relief. Neklui brushed past Violet on her way to Alvare. Violet looked at her strangely, as even though Neklui didn't glance at her, the older female usually didn't let that kind of contact happen. Just a few moments ago she jumped to Twilight instead of Neklui. Was Neklui trying to convey something? More than that, Violet's head was filled by echoes of one question to herself. Did she really trusted that Neklui wouldn't actually do anything to her mother? It's Neklui, the unpredictable Neklui. She had seen what Neklui could do during hunts. What if she was wrong?

Violet shuddered. She sure was glad that she wasn't wrong. Checking on her mother once more, she saw Trinity was staring at Neklui.

"Why are you staring, Mom?"

A slight worry remained in Trinity's face. "She might lose the pups," she said quietly.

Violet observed the way Neklui hunched her back more than usual and realized, despite the overwhelming fatigue hitting herself and most likely everyone else, Neklui with her pregnancy must be the one who took the biggest consequence from all that running earlier.


The whole spectacle lasted very shortly, less than three minutes. But the toll taken on their fatigued body was harder than they expected. Once the adrenaline that kept them feeling well enough to even laugh, the heavy feeling to their body came back, and in alarming speed turned into lightheadedness. The water was quickly passed to everyone, keeping them from passing out.

"We're all very tired, alpha. The little chase game did us bad. The youngest and her mother might not be able to keep up," Twilight spoke up, her tone flat.

"It'll be bad to remain long under the sun," Wulf gave his opinion. Alvare and Neklui mumbled something shortly to each other, and Alvare announced.

"From now on, nobody sits down until we reach shelter or the sun sets, whichever comes first. The faster we get there, the better."

"We're ready," Neklui decided. "This time, I'll wake up whoever falls down again by pain."

"Mildly, Neklui. We can't have them hurt now. Once again, don't sit down. Short breaks will only make you more tired," Alvare said. Neklui only answered with a low growl, but apparently Alvare took that as a 'yes'. He turned to Klah and Liwanu. "I apologize for the delay. Neklui got us warm and ready now. Hot, even," he still managed to throw a light-hearted joke. The pack stood behind him, waiting.
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Re: BRP x Nibbler Rp

Postby DaQuietwolves » Sun Jan 08, 2017 1:38 am

--Aww.. no no you're quite alright. I hope everything is better for you now. But ahh I couldn't possibly kill off any of them! They're too cute! I shall wait for your word before writing up a scenario that may hurt them. I'll leave death up to you. Also, you threw me for a bit of a loop here; I thought Neklui was grey and rust not tan and brown. XD--

Oh no.

It was the risk of rescuing every Outsider that happened to cross these vicious lands. Disorientation and energy sapping heat leveled even the best of mindsets, turning any honest-hearted beast into the worst savage. Both males could do little to intervene, however, too many teeth at the ready to grip and hold would result in accidental injury. Plus, pack matters stayed within pack matters. Surely the Nibblers knew what they were doing ...right?

Neither were going to admit their doubts.

Klah held tight to his own reservations, even as the party of seven laughed off their stress. No, this was not good at all. At least ..3973 wolf-lengths lay between their current position on the bluff and the safety of the sandstone caves to the north. Anything could happen between here and there anything! Yet, who was he to stop and warn them? Who was he, or any wolf, to halt a moment of madness?

Liwanu would have been his first choice.

Rigid from toe to ear-tip stood the much larger, resurrected Dire fluke, his own earth and water gaze betraying very little regarding emotion towards the outburst; but Klah could at least guess. From what he'd been told of his Beta's background, young were trained at an early age to keep a firm hold of their consciousness ...or accept death early. Over and over the lessons came hard and fast, until the best emerged victorious. However, Liwanu's larger family tribe could afford such vigorous training.

Not even this accumulation of seven, could afford to sneeze ...and not loose a life. "Ejna nakiw kanwkepi."

The patchwork brute's head snapped to the left, his attention fully locked onto the tri-colored subordinate. Was he seriously considering such this early?! The harsh whisper came out much more like the hiss of a tired tortoise. "What?! Why??"

"Look at her ...what chance does she have to survive the birth?" Klah didn't want to, but at the return of Liwanu's glare, the darker Alpha was forced to acknowledge how much more serious the situation had become. Even less time had been granted the pregnant fae. More than that, their prized huntress and the one who had first fainted seemed to be at half strength already, not to mention the pack as a whole. Oh stars why?

"I ... cannot ... not yet," replied the patchwork male, surprisingly receiving no negative hint at the decision to hold off. "Maybe, just maybe she an the others will be okay until we're settled again. I'll be sure to present the notion to Alvare when I can."

"Suit yourself." It wouldn't be the Alpha that had to complete such a mission anyway.


The refocus of attention from the red and gold figure ushered Klah back onto his ivory paws, his own moment to rest now over. Chuckling along with the other Alpha was all he could do to mute his Beta's disapproving snort. It was not their battle to fight. "All's well with us, Alvare. Please lead your family while Liwanu takes point. He and I will have to switch out as we travel because we will be gathering supplies as we go. My only instructions; keep your eyes on the wolf with the raised tail. Let us begin."

Already, the larger Beta moved to carve out the pathway back home, glancing behind only once to indicate leadership and lifting his charred tail high against the blinding golden sands. After the last wolf passed him, Klah took up the rear for the moment, his heart twisting and mulling over the earlier suggestion Liwanu presented. Sure the plan sounded simple, but there was much in the way of confusion and risk in carrying out said plan. Much more than the Alpha was willing to risk, even for Outsiders. Some lines just had to be drawn outright. Yet, they could always prepare for the worst.

His only hope was that the worst came well before the floods did.

P.S. ..they're not gonna kill Neklui ...they just don't wanna ask the resident herbalist for some medicine to help her XD
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Re: BRP x Nibbler Rp

Postby Nibbler » Sun Jan 08, 2017 9:16 pm

--Thanks! It's my eyes, I saw her as grey before I realized it was tan xD
And her other color is listed as 'chocolate', but I don't know, it just doesn't sound right so I wrote it as brown lol. I think rust sounds nicer tho :D
Ah well, I like the idea of getting them hurt in this alien environment. Actually, I just like getting them hurt. I'm a sadist.--

Violet observed the two wolves--the house owners, as Alvare said. The larger, Liwanu, was hard to read, but she could tell that he wasn't impressed by the chasing that took place earlier. She snorted. Who would be impressed by that? They just cut their chance of survival to half, over nothing.

She watched Liwanu's charred tail swaying slightly as he navigated through the desert. He was supposedly the beta. But why was he leading upfront with his tail raised? Isn't that the exclusive right of an alpha? These wolves of sandlands must have different extremely different customs than wolves of the woods. Violet wondered if she'd be allowed to ask many things later once they're safe. She liked it, learning about different cultures of the packs they passed. Even though the older wolves say they're cursed by having to become nomads as they were, Violet actually enjoy this nomadic adventure. Yet, Alvare's words when he first spoke to the two stranger wolves had been bothering her.

It was as if Alvare wanted to offer me to them.

She gritted her jaws. It couldn't be. Alvare loved her--he had always said so. He taught her everything she knew, as her own mother was never strong enough to be a hunter. How to track, how to observe her surroundings, how to judge if a stranger wolf is safe to approach or not.
Violet--even her name was given by him. Alvare said he came from a distant snowy land where ephemeral lights of violet and magenta dance at night. He said the first time he saw the female pup the color of tainted snow, he had the same feelings as when he first saw those dancing lights and named her accordingly.

He's like a father to me.

Violet never dared to ask Alvare if she could consider him her father. Her and Humky's true father was a playboy rogue by the name of Badger. Her mother said she loved him, but that's it. Trinity had never told Violet nor Humky anything else about him. If he's as ferocious as the animal that inspired his name, then he'd be a great fighter. Maybe even better than Alvare...

Violet frowned. She didn't like the thought that there is a greater male wolf than Alvare out there.

How childish. Perhaps that's why he wants to get rid of you.

Scoffing mockingly at herself, she tried to shift her thoughts to something else. She peeked at Alvare. He was turning his head to look at... Neklui's rear?

No. Hind leg. Violet felt her heart sank as she saw a line of fluid flowing down Neklui's leg. Red. It was blood, but more liquid, mixed with something else that wasn't urine. Panicked, she lifted her eyes to meet Alvare's. He was staring back at her, as if waiting.

His message was clear. Don't tell the others.

She tried to be as inconspicuous as possible as her eyes wandered to the rest of the pack--they all seemed too busy taking a step after the other at constant pace to notice. Funny how Twilight said Violet might not keep up even though she's now apparently more fit than the most of them, even with the new bite wounds on her shoulder. Somehow she couldn't really feel those wounds. Only this scorching heat on her back.

Neklui's pace hadn't gotten slower. As always, Violet couldn't tell what she's feeling. Did she not realize the pain because of the sun either?

Violet began praying to the Goddess over and over in her mind; let them arrive soon, let everything be okay.
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Re: BRP x Nibbler Rp

Postby DaQuietwolves » Tue Jan 10, 2017 12:39 am

One thing Klah would probably never get used to regarding the desert was how easy smells travel. Of course, one would think the opposite, with next to no humidity to carry the scent. But no, with no obstacles such as constant water sources or large foliage with pine and strong flower smells, much could traverse the wide open landscape at frightening speeds.

Especially when the wind was against them.

Upon his own tail, the darker patchwork Alpha tied on at least three new, perfectly round beehive cacti to serve as fresh canteens. An easier replacement than crafting jackrabbit carcasses. With these and the tendrils of some snail vines as rope, the pack could leave them to fill with water during the rain and fish them out afterwards. Quick and easy. It was at least one problem solved for the moment, and Liwanu would likely settle if given the chance to blow off some steam. The silent signals were there; the constant but casual glancing back, sneezing and stiffened gait. All cues to get his tail up front.

He was smelling it too.

The winter-older brute quickly but quietly came abreast his Beta, slightly ahead as the other moved the beehive namesakes from his rear to his shoulders. Eyes told all, but Klah wanted to be sure. Even while facing forward, the brutes began their silent exchange.

An ivory paw nimbly swiped across his face as if swatting a fly. 'I noticed a trail. We will be followed closely.'

Slightly curled lips came as a reply. 'They will be eager for blood and will stir soon.'

Great. Coyotes of course would swarm quickly, even on a group of wolves as large as this one. Once a scout pair located a source of nourishment, the yips and scalding howls would soon possess the open skies, drawing in more. Worse yet, these canid cousins were more vicious than their northern kin in every aspect. Their kind had inhabited this land far longer than even the ancient Dire clans. If they didn't get a move on, all would be bait before nightfall. Which was a problem; they couldn't. Twice, the darker male's right ear flickered as he sniffed the baked earth. 'Can you tell how many, if any?'

A gentle sway to the left, head still high and a long breath. The rust and black brute leveled again and returned to his original course, glancing at Klah while licking his lips three times. 'Three. More will come from the Sun's Deathbed.'

Now things were going to get tricky.

Rhine was their only backup, but even she would have a tough time crossing the floodplains with prowling coyotes afoot, even if she were only to meet them halfway. Liwanu would have to serve as body guard and decoy to keep the hungry scavengers at bay, if any of them were to stand a fighting chance. Yet, with the pack of Outsiders loosing more and more stamina and there still being a fair amount of distance between their current line of travel and the sandstone caves, all were pushing the bounds of sitting ducks. But desert wolves were nothing if not triers.

"Are you going to gather more?" Klah finally said aloud, his sage-cerulean gaze appearing much darker with the heavier decision ahead. They were going to have to act quickly with no mistakes if the Nibblers were going to welcome their new generation.

"I will attempt so, yes," came the rumbling answer, a sound resembling the echo of a distant thunderstorm than his real voice. "Retrieve our sow or no?"

"Leave it. If you can lead the scavengers to it, it'll buy us time," advised the darkened Alpha, his gut twisting against the idea to leave fresh meat to the dogs like this. "We have the means to fetch more; they do not. Keep an eye open for Rhine. She should meet with us soon."

"Cinkka. I will be off." At last, the larger male dropped his tail and broke into a gallop, cresting the nearest ridge in a flash of red and black only to disappear in the thin cloud of dust. Stars he moved fast for his size.

"Alvare. A word please..." Time to get down to business.
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Re: BRP x Nibbler Rp

Postby Nibbler » Tue Jan 10, 2017 11:33 am

Alvare unfurled his tongue out of his maw, releasing the steam from stored up heat inside him. He tried sticking that tongue under the sun, wondering if it'd become nicely baked as the ground he's stepping on. The raw sound of his own dry pads friction against the sand irritated him--but no matter what he attempted to distract himself with, his mind wander back to the blood on Violet and Neklui.

Despite the wind rudely switching between whispering and whistling shrill voices to his ears, carrying more sounds of dry ground shifting restlessly with each blow of strong gust, he still managed to pick up one-two words from the Drylanders.

Gather. Retrieve. Sow. Scavengers.

Perfect. Even back in the woods, blood indicated weakness. Most of the scent would get stuck on the trees, the undergrowth--but still, it'd reach at least one hungry predator. An invitation for a meal. Usually any pack of wolves, including Nibblers, would rejoice upon catching wind of this generous dinner-pointer by nature.

Looking back to his pack--like a bunch of sick, swaying, two bleeding, prey--he nearly laughed. The Goddess has such a sense of humor. He wondered how fast would the wind travel, unrestrained?

He contained himself, however. This was no situation to laugh at; he might just offend their generous saviors. The Nibblers had been quite impudently impose on their kindness. Taking their water and precious time. Alvare hated adding one more thing to this list of guilt, but by the scent of them when they just arrived, they probably abandoned a prey for these outsiders. And now, if the scavengers here were as vicious as the wild dogs and wild cats back in the greenery, they're probably risking their life too.

This had never happened before, for nearly all the Nibblers to be unfit to fight. Trinity and Humky had always been out of the question. However Twilight and Wulf had always been a solid team, making up for each other's weakness and held their head high in pride. But seeing how their lolling tongues were nearly grazing the ground, their eyes hazed--just now Alvare realized how age, dark as death, was clawing and weighing on the legs of both his trusted betas. Their strongest, Neklui, currently was probably being the weakest out of them. Alvare did gave Violet generous praise, but anyone could see she's very young. Talented, yes, very fast too. But terribly inexperienced and too light. She might be able to perform against prey in a hunt admirably, but if it was a pack of wild dogs with their legion of vicious offsprings or a wild cat with its massive claws...

He's alone.

Struggling with his thoughts going several times faster than reality, he looked up to the two in front of him. A dreadful realization struck him; by calling for their help, he might have dragged two more casualties down with him.

Wait, wait, casualties? Aren't you getting ahead of yourself?

But what could he do? He couldn't possibly expect two strangers to risk life and limbs for them. Even if the Sandwolves bolted when a pack of fiery desert dogs with saliva dripping from their fangs come surround them, should Alvare escape and meet them again, he wouldn't bear them any grudge. The Nibblers brought this upon themselves after all.

Or at least that's how it should be. When Alvare looked at his paws, smaller than Wulf's, he knew he wouldn't be able to protect this many wolves on his own even at his fittest. He never relied on physical capabilities during a fight. Mostly brains and speed than brawl.

Of course! He should just look for a way to outsmart the enemy, as usual. He glanced around the flat terrain. But with what?

If their 'Tour Guides' leave, he'd be alone. Fighting unknown enemies with depleted health, in unknown terrain where there's nothing he could use but sand. The thought he dreaded finally crawled out from the edges of his mind, bursting out laughing with their raucuous voice at him.

You'll die! They'll die! Murderer! Murderer!

He wanted to run up to the Sandwolves and shake them, beg them, guilt-trip them, blackmail them--anything, so they'd save his pack.

It's my fault. It's my fault.

It was. Had he controlled himself better and not mated with Neklui thus weakening her like this, had he not led the Nibblers here, had he navigated better, had he noticed Neklui's cue before she chased the pack earlier...

He knew Neklui meant well, just her ways are rather...extreme. He had always acted as her balance, preventing things from going too far off-course from the original goal.

He just realized something. Neklui didn't give cue to him earlier. Why?

Was it because you provoked her before?

This time, Alvare nearly spit out laughter. That's just like her, doing things without minding the consequences. He glanced at her, fondly for a brief moment, then in bitter sadness as he saw her seemingly only half-awake, stubbornly kept going step after step. What a troublesome lady.

He's very much like her, in a way. Seeking thrill, even from death. Perhaps especially if the risk of death is involved. Except Alvare cared about everyone but himself, and would go through great length to prevent others from dying. Neklui believed living was only for the strong.

That applies for herself, too?

The mocking voice in his head laughed as Alvare realized how high the possibility of Neklui ending her own life should she ever feel that she's too weak to deserve living. He also realized Liwanu's running sound going away from them, and at the same time, he realized that for awhile the provocative voice in his head had been female.

Goddess, is that You?

It's no use, he's barely ever able to distinguish the Goddess from the other voices inside his head anyway. But it couldn't hurt to try.

Almighty Goddess, I'm begging You, You can at least send one lightning bolt to assist our battle, right?

The sounds in his head turned silent as he scrambled mentally for answer. He desperately prayed, desperately trying to keep himself together, because the pack was relying on him, he must figure out something, he mustn't panic--

"Alvare. A word please..."

Alvare's head shot up straight when he heard Klah's voice.

At long last. His saving grace. Thank Godd--

No, he scowled internally. You weren't helping, Goddess. I swear if You keep this up, I'll worship Klah instead.

"Klah. It's too much to expect good news now, isn't it?"

That one call to his name was all he needed. His scattered composure quickly lined up in place, putting a smile back to his face. As he quickened his pace to trot alongside Klah, Alvare considered that maybe he should look more apologetic than grateful. He threw the thought away. Positive feelings are, after all, better conveyed than hid.

Either it's the noises inside his head again, or Alvare really was hearing a distant thunderclap.
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