The Scarfie Hatchery (Added things, please reread forum)

News!!! Please Read!!!

Postby Sukeon » Fri Jan 06, 2017 3:47 pm

Hello everyone!
I have some news! This might be a big change for the Scarfie community, so I'll have the famous Scarfie Wizard from the Scarfie Records tell you.

Heello! Yes, I am de Scarfie Weezard. So, as she said, there are some breaking neews. Twix is lookeeng for a raight-hand person, aka, a person to halp her with orders. Heer are de things they would need to be capable aof dooing:
-Dey would need to have an art app eenstalled to color the scarfie lineart.
-Be creative wit the 'Scarfie Explorations' on the Hatchery.
- Be on about once every two or three days at least.
- Be capable of handling all three Scarfie pages. (Main forum, Hatchery and the new Scarfie Sushi Store.)

You will be treated kinda like a mod. At least on the Scarfie forums... No, you won't get ahold of Twix's whole account. You'll jahst be kinda like a replacement when Twix can't reply.
If der are any questons, please ask Twix (129425) either bai pm or forum pm.
If you want to be de raight hand mahn, (or womahn) please finish de application and pm or forum pm.

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Forum Name:
Pack Name:
Pack Number:
Reason you are applying:
Why you think you would be a good choice:
Are you capable of all the necessities stated above?:
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Re: The Scarfie Hatchery (Added things, please reread forum)

Postby LarkInBattle » Sun Jan 08, 2017 4:26 pm

Yay! What do I do now?

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