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{ Wolves's Character Achive }

Postby Wolves Of The Beyond » Mon Jan 02, 2017 4:39 am

So I thought I would need to get all of my old characters a place. They really just need to be sorted out, this might take a while.

    -| HUMANS |-
    {Name-Age-Gender-Types of RP}

    { Dakota Silvia Jackson or Argyis-Between 16-25-Female-Supernatural, High school, Normal Life, Twins }
    { Silvia Makatza Appleton or Toler-Between 12-23-Female-Rebel, High school, Supernatural, Fighter }
    { Adam Jason Abraham-Between 17-28-Male-Commoner, Rebel, Normal Life }
    { Evie Night Dragonstar-Between 10-18-Female-Dragon Rider, Supernatural, Dragon Hunter, Hunter }
    { Iris Gale Swan-Between 17-30-Female-Hunter, Author, Painter }
    { Achilles James Argyis-Between 15-28-Male-Werewolf, Normal Life, Stuck on Island }
    { Lakota Grayson Argyis-Between 8-19-Male- Supernatural, Middle School, High School }
    { Delilah Bell Argyis- Between 16-25-Female-Twins, High School, Normal Life, Supernatural }

    -| ANIMALS { Dogs, Cats, Horses, etc. } |-
    { Name-Species-Age-Gender-Rank(If One ) }

    Currently trying to remember all of them, so this will be blank for a while.

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