Battle Wolf/Explore Wolf/Pup Training *Temporarily Closed*

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Battle Wolf/Explore Wolf/Pup Training *Temporarily Closed*

Postby Tropical Pickle » Mon Jan 09, 2017 10:04 pm

My previous training page was cleared out with the rest of the forum, so I'm just going to put this back on here so people can see what I do. I did have some edits regarding discounts that weren't on my saved copy, so I'll be adding those in again in a bit. I'll be opening up again in a few weeks, maybe near the beginning of February, 2017. Feel free to post forms, but know you will not be receiving responses until then. Thank you!

I would like to make myself completely and utterly clear when I say that this is MY forum training page. The original. I say this because so far, I have had three people post my page on the forums with minimal edits. Taking my work and making small adjustments does not make it yours. I am running out of patience. I understand that my page covers a lot of information new trainers may want to use, but please ask if you would like help compiling your own unique page. I will be more than willing to help. Thank you.

Battle XP Training

Wolves with high experience points do greater damage and are more likely to hit their target in both explore and PvP. Unfortunately getting a wolf high xp quickly requires more time and resources than many players are able to invest---until now! With Battle XP Training your wolf will quickly gain xp at a fraction of the cost it would take to do it yourself.

Breaking Down XP

While wolves can gain up to 36 battle moves, with the final move (Death Grip) achieved at 925 xp, there is no particular advantage in going that high. The most significant moves are:

-275 xp (Slashing Bite) a wolf will begin doing an additional +2 damage.
-525 xp (Neck Snap) a wolf will gain another +2 damage.

There are no other xp-related damage bonuses. In theory a wolf with higher xp will continue to increase its hit-chance, but in practice this effect is not really noticeable.

XP Training Overview

All wolves must have 200 cp in battle and 100 cp in wisdom, stealth, resolve, and agility before arriving for training. This is non-negotiable!

- Additional CP in resolve, stealth and agility is not required, but is helpful; it will lower the training price and increase training speed.
- Your wolf will be on private sale to you for 0 mushrooms so you can take your wolf back whenever you'd like (even in the middle of training, although I don't know why you would XD); your wolf will never be held hostage for any reason.
- Your pack can be supplied with prey if needed while your wolf is in training; just ask.
- If your wolf kills a cryptid, I will offer you the jasmine and carcass.

Note that transferred wolves will lose their dominance CP. This can be costly to replace!

Training Prices

Training fees cover food, healing and explore moves. Getting wolves hundreds of xp points in just a few days means a lot of eating, healing and vase-buying!

Listed below is the pricing per wolf for how much exp you want put on the wolf and the amount of time the training should take me. If your training will extend into the winter, please know that training may be delayed by a day or two since prey will not be as plentiful.

275 xp - 600 mush (3 days max)
525 xp - 1300 mush (5-7 days)
925 xp - 3500 mush (10-14 days)

If you would like a different amount of exp other than the listed above, PM me to work out pricing. Please note: some or all discounts may not apply if you are wanting a different amount of exp placed on your wolf.

These prices can be lowered:

- Each wolf will receive a 100-mush discount per stat for having over 150 cp in agility and resolve. PM with a link to the wolf in question for more details.
- Any xp the wolf already has is -1 mush per xp point.
- Gifted pup toys will get -5 mushrooms per, I will only accept up to 5 pup toys per wolf trained. PM me for more details.
- For wolves with boosts or defects that effect the required cp, prices may fluctuate - this can be discussed on an individual basis; PM for more details.

IF you are a CURRENT MEMBER of my alliance "Forget Me Not," wolf training price is 50 mushrooms off the final price per wolf.

Payment methods accepted are:

- Mushrooms
- Apples (valued at 500 mushrooms each)
- Jasmine (valued at 500 mushrooms each)
- Blue Jay Feathers (valued at 100 mushrooms each)
- Toucan Feathers (valued at 100 mushrooms each)

Payment must be sent before training is begun.
NO other payment methods are accepted.

Open Slots

I will have four open slots that can be filled for battle training. Any other training requests afterwards will be put on my waiting list. Those placed on my waiting list may or may not get their wolves trained in the game year they requested. Details are:

- A person (NOT account) may have up to two wolves actively being battle trained. If someone requests that four of their wolves get trained, only two of their wolves will be trained, and I will NOT train the other two until at least another four wolves not owned by that player have been trained.
- My waiting list will only hold three to four wolves. A person cannot request more than two of their wolves to be placed on the waiting list.
- Training will be first come, first serve. Please take this into consideration when you ask me to get your wolf trained within a certain time frame.
- The waiting list will not be publicly posted. You will be notified the season before as well as the day I will start training your wolf/wolves.

Tag-Along Pups

- Price per pup is 200 mush.
- 200 cp in battle is guaranteed provided the pup arrives no later than the first day of winter.
- Most pups gain at least 50-100 cp in resolve, agility, stealth, and wisdom, but this is not guaranteed.
- You are welcome to send pup toys for your pup.
- Tag-along pups can stay over winter for battle xp training beginning in the following spring; cp discounts will be applied.
Please note: If my training list is already full for the following spring, your wolf may not be trained right away, meaning it will be placed at the bottom of my list. If this is the case, I will provide the option for you to take your wolf back and then send him in again after I have finished with the other wolves.

Space for pups is very limited; ask about availability! I WILL NOT accept pups if they are sent to me after the first day of fall.

IF you are a CURRENT MEMBER of my alliance "Forget Me Not," tag-along pricing is 50 mushrooms per pup.

Payment methods accepted are:

- Mushrooms
- Blue Jay Feathers (valued at 100 mushrooms each)
- Toucan Feathers (valued at 100 mushrooms each)

NO other payment methods are accepted.


I will determine your final price. PLEASE do not tell me which discounts apply to you.
Player Number:
Member of Forget Me Not?:
Did Someone Refer You (If So, Who?):
Premium Member?:
Type of Training (battle or pup) for 1st Wolf:
Link to 1st Wolf:
IF Battle Training: To what exp?
Urgent/Within Given Time Frame/Doesn't Matter:
Payment Type(s):
(If you have a second wolf)
Type of Training (battle or pup) for 2nd Wolf:
Link to 2nd Wolf:
IF Battle Training: To what exp?
Urgent/Within Given Time Frame/Doesn't Matter:
Payment Type(s):

I also have a feedback page that I would really appreciate you to visit and comment on after I am done with your wolf if you had BATTLE/EXPLORE wolf training! ;)

I did have one, but it got deleted as well. XD I'll be putting up another one once I open training up again.
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