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Looking for Pol

Postby Sir Stalks alot » Fri Dec 30, 2016 3:03 pm

I'm looking to breed one of my favorite wolves,King Ezekiel, to a female. I would get pol,and you would get second pol. Here are what I would wants and needs of the female.

30+ rarity,will make an exception if the female is BD or Boost
I need to a prove the pelt design of the female
Owner of the female needs to have den space(3+ den space)

BD female
Boost female
40+ r

I will pay diffrent prices depending on the female

Meet King Ezekiel!

His pelt :
Eyes: Dark Blue
Nose: Black
Base Coat: Ochre
Leg Type: Medium
Leg Color: None
Head Type: Cheeks
Head Color: None
Muzzle Type: Wide
Muzzle Color: Slate
Harlequin: Ochre
Somatic Mutation: Ochre
Back Type: Rough
Back Color: White
Brindle: Red
Leopard: Cream
Speckle Type: Full
Speckle Color: None
Ear Edges Type: Full
Ear Edges Color: White
Rarity Score: 31
http://www.wolfplaygame.com/genstart.ph ... id=1086747

His star pups:
Prince Jacob(21 rarity)
Guardian(24 rarity)

Please shoot me a pm if interested,and pm me the wolf and how much mush!
Packname: Santa Kitty
Sir Stalks alot
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