Stunning Fae

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Stunning Fae

Postby Xopek » Sun Jan 03, 2016 7:52 pm

I'm breeding this stunning lil girl and her mom:

Rarity 55 G2 CL -- 3,000mush or 10 apples or jasmine and 4 apples.

Rarity 43 G3 CL -- 1,000mush or 5 apples or jasmine and 4 appples.

If you pay with apples you get instant birth and You keep all pups. If you pay in mush, you wait the 4 days, and I get a pup of my choice (NOT POL). You get POL and the other pup.

I have quite a few other high rarity G2 Females for breeding also, one has 48T 31R

If you want to breed to any of my other females send me a pm @69969

All my wolves are CL!!
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