Rodolfo-55R/41T/Gen 2

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Rodolfo-55R/41T/Gen 2

Postby Valgard » Thu Mar 31, 2016 9:44 pm

Special Thanks to Young Metro for selling me this big boy! If you have time, give Young Metro a paws up, especially if you have bred to Rodolfo


Here is his link

Rodolfo is my very first custom 55R male! He won't be sold ever in his life, so please don't even bother asking.
-Generation 2
-41 talents
Eyes: Gold-Green
Nose: Black
Inner Ears: Red
Base Coat: Faded Black
Leg Type: Rings
Leg Color: Red
Head Type: Reverse Facemask
Head Color: Red
Tail Type: Two Rings
Muzzle Type: Stripe
Muzzle Color: Ochre
Harlequin: Chocolate
Somatic Mutation: Red
Back Type: Half
Back Color: Tan
Shoulder: Tan
Brindle: Brown
Piebald: Cream
Belton: Silver
Okapi: Slate
Leopard: White
Speckle Type: Full
Speckle Color: Black
Ear Edges Type: Tip
Ear Edges Color: Black
-Major Wolves in his line: Conflicting Desire 140T 55R (Gen 1) and Chernika Barkhat (Gen 1)

Full Price: 500 mush or 1 Apple ((currently, may raise, may lower))

Alliance Discount: 50% off
My Alliance
Fiend Discount (On my friend list): 20-30% off
**NOTE: From now on, I will only accept few invites. Do not friend me just for the sake of getting a discount or anything please!
Other Payment Methods
Jasmine- If you give me a piece of Jasmine when all three breedings have been used up for a season you can receive ONE free breeding to him. I won't accept if you try to use Jasmine on a season he is not fully booked

Gear/ Decor- Any gear or decor item given to me for a discount will vary on how much of a discount you get but IT WILL equal the value of the decor or gear item given! So if you give me something worth 150 mushrooms in the barter you will be given a 150 mushroom discount. If the item given to me is worth apples then that's a bit different. If the item you give me is worth 1 apple in barter then you will receive a 300 mushroom discount. If it is worth 2 apples it is a 550 mushroom discount and if it is worth 3 apples it is a 700 mushroom discount.
**Note: I don't accept gear and decor as easily as I accept mush and apples, so please only use this method of you basically have no other choice :)

POL (Pick of Litter)- You MUST have a premium account for this type of payment method!!
If you agree on a POL, that means I get FIRST CHOICE OF THE LITTER. I get to pick any pup from the litter. If you refuse to give me first priority or hither me from the proper POL, I will refuse to let you breed to any my wolves, or have anything to do with you. Sorry for sounding harsh, and I don't think anyone here on Wolfplay will do that ;)
-must have a rarity score of 47 or higher
-must have 20 or more talents.
-must be Clean Lined/ Heritage and 1st to 3rd generation.
-must be able to produce Clean Lined/ Heritage pups when bred to him
-have good or excellent affinity with my pack but preferably excellent

I have the right to refuse any of these payment methods! Even if you have jasmine and all the seasons are booked, or even if you have gear, or even if you're female firs the criteria.

Breeding Reservations
1. Lune (76152)- Spiked cuff (PAID)
2. Neverland (116148)- FREE
3. Darkgold (101646)- 500 mush


1-Lone wolves (64677)- Gear/Decor


Goals For Him
[_] Earn 1K mush or more
[_]Earn 2K mush or more
[_]Earn 3K mush or more
[_]Earn 4K mush or more
[_]Earn 5K mush
[_]Earn 1+ apples
[_]Earn 3+ apples
[_]Earn 4+ apples
[_]Earn 5+ apples
[_]100+ offspring
[_]200+ offspring
[_]300+ offspring

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